Andras Forgacs: Leather and meat without killing animals

Review :


When we look back on today and on how we raise and slaughter billions of animals to make our hamburgers and our handbags.We are being wasteful and indeed crazy. According the article,  he said that “today we maintain a global herd of 60 billion animals to provide our meat, dairy, eggs and leather goods? And over the next few decades, as the world’s population expands to 10 billion, this will need to nearly double to 100 billion animals.”

The picture of the guy called:Andras Forgacs

He with his crew developed the Leather and meat. How they did ?


They took the cell of the animals , then can be used to grow biological products like tissues and organs. Already in medicine, biofabrication techniques have been used to grow sophisticated body parts, like ears, windpipes, skin, blood vessels and bone, that have been successfully implanted into patients. And beyond medicine, biofabrication can be a humane, sustainable and scalable new industry.

And they crew begin by reimagining leather. I emphasize leather because it is so widely used. It is beautiful, and it has long been a part of our history. Growing leather is also technically simpler than growing other animal products like meat. It mainly uses one cell type, and it is largely two-dimensional. It is also less polarizing for consumers and regulators. Until biofabrication is better understood, it is clear that, initially at least, more people would be willing to wear novel materials than would be willing to eat novel foods, no matter how delicious. In this sense, leather is a gateway material, a beginning for the mainstream biofabrication industry. If we can succeed here, it brings our other consumer bioproducts like meat closer on the horizon.

If in the future ,can solve. I think is good way to open and educational, and this is in contrast to the hidden, guarded and remote factories where leather and meat is produced today. We need to move past just killing animals as a resource to something more civilized and evolved.


Try out Mock up

During my design process for my mock up , I found out the designer call Richard Sweeney .I saw his one of his artwork it’s made me very interest.

1407215596_1345498e03_b 2245476770_d97de1dd4f

As you can see, it’s simple , solid  and clear. let me show you my trying  mock up.


this is the one of my questionnaire : what is the different the original and counterfeit.

11254228_10153314876491597_723145581942893806_n It’s shape looks like the wave .


First , draw a rectangle shape that cut out the shape that you want .

After cut out the shape , I felt that the top one can reuse. So that, I put a side. 11148212_10153313941761597_1576684352448402235_n

11377234_10153313941711597_3864953419650935071_nThere is the wave shape .therefore , I cut the hole out that the Richard did (from my view) . 11377263_10153314045651597_5483404925446303165_n then , i took the top one put on it .

Final outcome ~~

11209629_10153313785221597_474398849309325782_n 11225220_10153313785151597_4377442567749035929_n 11535831_10153313785281597_1409908450911409156_n

Paper is very Powerful Material

I research 3 the designer

1.Kirsten Hassenfeld

Her sculptures is telling us that is opulence and extravagant luxury is wasteful lifestyles.She want to show that paper can be luxurious chandeliers and excessively decorated curiosities.

205680256_1646ba8f06 kirsten-hassenfeld

2.Oliver Fritz n Tom Pawlofsky

They were investigated computer -aided free form in architecture.They developed an entirely new formwork system for free forms made of corrugated cardboard which compared with previous form work techniques.

IMG_1622 IMG_1623

3.Richard Sweeney

He was interested in paper folding when experimenting with materials. He combines repetitive geomatic shapes and folding modules with computer aided design and production teachniques.

9656145433_507aa90535 11676213317STTm

In my opinion, the 3 designer they did a good job. They use the most cost-effective , fully recycle , extremely stable materials to present their art work. In the future , could be produced it.

Design as Producer (Review)

Base in the article , i think is good way to learn from them and to help the society to do better.In Marxist terminology, Benjamin said the ‘means of production’ are the heart of human culture. im agree why ? because the human need the designer to help them to produced and distributed to ground in society and political.

He said that designer not only purely literary and visual . Designer can work as a photographer, typographer, artist, writer, typefaces . He’s the person exclaimed the new form of communication (film , radio , advertising ,newspaper and the illustrated press ).He was so impressive and be a designer can be many of occupation. 

Other then that , of course designer have to know how to use in the form of software for word-processing and desk-top publishing. Therefore , want to be a designer before to do a produce thing. Designer have to do 4 thing properly  Language ,Theory , Writing and Technology.

Lastly , the main point is designer is very important occupation in the society. They can to take charge of the content and social function.

Went Mari MAri MArket #APW BANGSAR

11185828_10153170841391597_908794082_nOutdoor part is for Organic Farmers Market

Last last Sunday19/4/2015 at APW BANGSAR . I went to the MAri mari market event. The event is good quality foods and crafts are gently made by hand.There will also be an organic farmers market where you can pick up fresh homegrown produce. It’s a great to truly value a good opportunity and a good relationship to meet the chefs and craft artists.


Indoor part is for Handcraft Market

For me , have 3 thing is im really interested.

First thing is Ohsum Mossum terrariums are made with recycled jars and a focus on sustainability.It’s can be a decoration also. The plants is the moss in its natural setting. I think is good way to put in the office or classroom because it’s  will feel life nature with the environment.


Second thing is Ceramics. I feel with yr family and friends  make a ceramics together  can have a good relationship forget about ipad and can make yourself is very a good opportuniity to know how is it ( the feeling of hand)     10255214_1590940837809216_7417584099321827039_n

Third thing is Letterpress 11146225_10152967320588791_671122119510029395_n.

because it make me have a movement to learn how to make it and esspecially with the press machine.Those machines are so cool! Glad there are people to revive this fading method of printing.10903265_826769594050839_735791688_a

In my opinion, I feel the old stuff be a trend right now. Everyone is appreciate and enjoy the old stuff.I think is very good point to make the people nowadays. Stop to stay at home playing ipad is time to join and learn  something nice .   

Roti man


Many of us who live in the suburbs of Malaysia very familiar with the honking during in the evening signaling the arrival of the humble roti-man of the area.Driving a modified motorcycle—a vehicle fitted with a container that holds various kinds of bread and sometimes a number of different snacks, the roti-man has been the primary source of bread for many Malaysian households for a number of years now.

Other than that , when I saw roti man it really in my childhood. I remember since i small I heard the honk sound in my house around 4. my sister , my younger brother and me were very excited to ran out to call the roti man and he carried tons of goodies from chips, candies, breads and ice-cream on his motorcycle.It felt like positive treat that motivated us to spent time before we go to school from the hot afternoon weather in Malaysia.

In my opinion,the roti man has practically achieved mainstay status in the Malaysian cultural landscape.

Power Hours

I think this is quite helpful and interesting exercise because it can make me have a wider idea about what am i going to do.My research is about Nostalgia
and something about refresh and memories .

For the 1st hour, i did generated 10 ideas using visual sketches and from there selected one to refined into another three different styles,being that it had a research insight that we had spent some time on previously.

Next to for the 2 hour , using one emotion to consider and generate 5 ideas on how am i going to work on it and what kind of medium that is going to use and what you want make people feels.

Emotion positive is use vintage style to design any advertiment poster . (mean old style also can use to design)
The 3 hour , Emotion negative is make people feel outdated and said that you so old style.

After than ,get more deeper and more understanding, for my key word and ask for help to respond with a few keywords, the last keyword i choosee is memories. Memory is the process in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved.(according wikipedia )

I have ask for help to draw some visual sketches i can understand can do some references about my research.

Lastly, i can know more about what am i going to do based on the researh and let me further explore to the end of my project .