I research 3 the designer

1.Kirsten Hassenfeld

Her sculptures is telling us that is opulence and extravagant luxury is wasteful lifestyles.She want to show that paper can be luxurious chandeliers and excessively decorated curiosities.

205680256_1646ba8f06 kirsten-hassenfeld

2.Oliver Fritz n Tom Pawlofsky

They were investigated computer -aided free form in architecture.They developed an entirely new formwork system for free forms made of corrugated cardboard which compared with previous form work techniques.

IMG_1622 IMG_1623

3.Richard Sweeney

He was interested in paper folding when experimenting with materials. He combines repetitive geomatic shapes and folding modules with computer aided design and production teachniques.

9656145433_507aa90535 11676213317STTm

In my opinion, the 3 designer they did a good job. They use the most cost-effective , fully recycle , extremely stable materials to present their art work. In the future , could be produced it.