Base in the article , i think is good way to learn from them and to help the society to do better.In Marxist terminology, Benjamin said the ‘means of production’ are the heart of human culture. im agree why ? because the human need the designer to help them to produced and distributed to ground in society and political.

He said that designer not only purely literary and visual . Designer can work as a photographer, typographer, artist, writer, typefaces . He’s the person exclaimed the new form of communication (film , radio , advertising ,newspaper and the illustrated press ).He was so impressive and be a designer can be many of occupation. 

Other then that , of course designer have to know how to use in the form of software for word-processing and desk-top publishing. Therefore , want to be a designer before to do a produce thing. Designer have to do 4 thing properly  Language ,Theory , Writing and Technology.

Lastly , the main point is designer is very important occupation in the society. They can to take charge of the content and social function.