I think this is quite helpful and interesting exercise because it can make me have a wider idea about what am i going to do.My research is about Nostalgia
and something about refresh and memories .

For the 1st hour, i did generated 10 ideas using visual sketches and from there selected one to refined into another three different styles,being that it had a research insight that we had spent some time on previously.

Next to for the 2 hour , using one emotion to consider and generate 5 ideas on how am i going to work on it and what kind of medium that is going to use and what you want make people feels.

Emotion positive is use vintage style to design any advertiment poster . (mean old style also can use to design)
The 3 hour , Emotion negative is make people feel outdated and said that you so old style.

After than ,get more deeper and more understanding, for my key word and ask for help to respond with a few keywords, the last keyword i choosee is memories. Memory is the process in which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved.(according wikipedia )

I have ask for help to draw some visual sketches i can understand can do some references about my research.

Lastly, i can know more about what am i going to do based on the researh and let me further explore to the end of my project .