11185828_10153170841391597_908794082_nOutdoor part is for Organic Farmers Market

Last last Sunday19/4/2015 at APW BANGSAR . I went to the MAri mari market event. The event is good quality foods and crafts are gently made by hand.There will also be an organic farmers market where you can pick up fresh homegrown produce. It’s a great to truly value a good opportunity and a good relationship to meet the chefs and craft artists.


Indoor part is for Handcraft Market

For me , have 3 thing is im really interested.

First thing is Ohsum Mossum terrariums are made with recycled jars and a focus on sustainability.It’s can be a decoration also. The plants is the moss in its natural setting. I think is good way to put in the office or classroom because it’s  will feel life nature with the environment.


Second thing is Ceramics. I feel with yr family and friends  make a ceramics together  can have a good relationship forget about ipad and can make yourself is very a good opportuniity to know how is it ( the feeling of hand)     10255214_1590940837809216_7417584099321827039_n

Third thing is Letterpress 11146225_10152967320588791_671122119510029395_n.

because it make me have a movement to learn how to make it and esspecially with the press machine.Those machines are so cool! Glad there are people to revive this fading method of printing.10903265_826769594050839_735791688_a

In my opinion, I feel the old stuff be a trend right now. Everyone is appreciate and enjoy the old stuff.I think is very good point to make the people nowadays. Stop to stay at home playing ipad is time to join and learn  something nice .