The Space Art of Garbage

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Do you believe garbage can be  sculpture  ?

Garbage can be recycle or reuse , if you can build your creative , it can even be  a work of art .

French artist Bernard Pras good at utilized many of second-hand stuff  and scrap of junk become material ,  famous drawing and famous portrait. If want to see famous drawing , need to find the angle that can see the famous drawing . Other angle , it can be saw a bunch of garbage .

It’s really impressive. The creators is really  ingenuity and intentions to made his artwork.


The World of Feather Sculpture

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The Bird ‘s feather ,you think can become a beginning of story ?

YES , you can .

American artist Chris Maynard choose feather to be his craved object . The main title is Bird as theme , it can be craved  different kind of feather color become many of bird flying , the scene will be very lively atmosphere and have full of live .

Let the viewer is freedom to fly more freely.

Animals walking to the supermarket

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We always go to the supermarket , usually saw the animals already death and the Butchers will cut to pieces  for sale . We seldom seen lively animals at the supermarket.

Indonesian photographer Agan Harahap took the wild animals to the supermarket shooting through  foods and animals strong contrast, hope viewer can  review  the attitude of people to treat the nature .

Nature world is you are the stronger one can eat the weaker one  ,but replace to supermarket to get foods are  into by money.

One day is that animals will like  humans should abandon their nature and freedom by paying labor to earn money to buy food?

It seemed ideal harmony, but for animals there are in fact ridiculous. Over-development of the human world, and finally one day will promote the plight of wild animals and humans.

Toilet Paper Tube In The World

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After use finished the toilet paper , we will throw the toilet paper tube automatically.

French artist Anastassia Elias utilized the toilet paper tube to do handcraft to crave out movie scene, life scene or different generation world .

When the light into the toilet paper tube , have unique lighting visual ,it’s detail and interesting ! I remembered that since i small , I used toilet paper tube to make megaphone . Do you know new generation of children know can use toilet paper tube to play or to use, nowadays ?

Paper Cut of Virtual and Real

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Come from Danish paper cut paper art teacher Peter Callesen he use normal paper to show out the charm of art . The best part is he can made flat 2D to solid 3D, It’s really truth.

General paper sculptures are usually left the paper cut or shape silhouette, his work is the three-dimensional silhouette paper cut after cut and carved combined with two different visual experience, but echo each other, seemed to share a little philosophy of life to the viewer, quite interesting.

Can Not Touch The Part !

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When you touch a cat , it’s suddenly claws you . Have you try before ?

Often it very cool , not easy let someone to be touched, but actually have different type of animals can let you to be touched their part and some animals do not like you to be touched their part.

Illustrator Adam Ellis make a series of illustrations to share different type of animals which position is can not to be touched and which part is can to be touched. example: For tail ,dog do not like to be touched but , cat did not resist.

She want to let whose like animals know that as reference.

Silhouettes of animal life on the knife

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Knives are used to kill, Beijing artist Li Hongbo utilized a knife to create a series of silhouette sculpture, starting with the blade carved a lifelike wildlife, and then with the carving knife empty echo each other.

And use a knife with a silhouette of a complementary space to achieve a balance. Because we humans seem selfish, sword with a lot of  spirits.

He want to tell his target audience is over-exploitation of nature and animal will be damage and harm, also to remind people should be “lay down their arms,” or else one day suffer not just animals, the last victim is the man himself.

Processed foods of the landscape

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Cola , Candy , Potato Chips , Bologna , Marshimallow , Fruit Loops ……..Everyone knew that these foods is from processed foods is bad for our health  but , humans demand more and a lot of manufacturing  firms after that , it turned a lot of waste.

There are two American artist Barbara Ciurej and Lindsay Lochman.  They used familiar American Junk Food to create artifical nature scenes that simultaneously repulse and  fascinate .

They want to represent that reflect these processed foods it not only bad our health , overproduction and over waste . It will be damage the earth’s environment.

They were inspired by 19 century  photographer Carleton Watkins‘s work .

as u can see below was His’s landscape photography

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11 ways to be unremarkably average


When  I saw the comic,  i felt this is really happen nowadays.

Everyone wants to be able to realize their dreams or something great, and hope one days this can be the greatest thing in the history of the imprint of their own lives. But only a few people will work hard to achieve their dreams.

Because most people life is : To study → Employment →Married → Retirement.

So, an artist CHRIS GUILLEBEAU draw “11 ways to be unremarkably average ” with comic .

Hope that people can have the courage to pursue their dreams.

GOOD LUCK !!!  PEOPLE  and ME ~~


Once a day , our lecturer let’s us to watch a documentary called “Samsara” . Im very like the documentary. It let us have a imaginative , learning and communication with your mind .

In my opinion , i think Samsara mean Cycle . Birth – Reborn – Death and The documentary want to said about Contrast ,Day & Night , Rich & Poor , City & Nature ,Slow & Fast .

Actually not only to show contrast it have many thing want to show us . is like the different of culture , festival , envinronment , building and other .

The most impressed part is the factory kill the animals . It made me felt scared , horror and bloody .

1. The huge worker in factory killing the meat.

2.The machine hanging the pig . >,<

3. The machine cutting the pig . OH MY GOD !!


Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.44.02 PM

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 3.44.07 PM