Many of us who live in the suburbs of Malaysia very familiar with the honking during in the evening signaling the arrival of the humble roti-man of the area.Driving a modified motorcycle—a vehicle fitted with a container that holds various kinds of bread and sometimes a number of different snacks, the roti-man has been the primary source of bread for many Malaysian households for a number of years now.

Other than that , when I saw roti man it really in my childhood. I remember since i small I heard the honk sound in my house around 4. my sister , my younger brother and me were very excited to ran out to call the roti man and he carried tons of goodies from chips, candies, breads and ice-cream on his motorcycle.It felt like positive treat that motivated us to spent time before we go to school from the hot afternoon weather in Malaysia.

In my opinion,the roti man has practically achieved mainstay status in the Malaysian cultural landscape.