interview  conclusion

Through the interview, a lot of parents address their children change the toys very frequently so they will go to the cheaper toy store compare with the expensive toy store to buy the toys because their children will change of interest very quickly Parents are more prefer to buy the toys that have educational value because it can help child’s development stimulating imagination, creativity and supporting learning too. Majority parents will to donate the old toys to other family members or friends because the toys no longer suitable to their kids and don’t waste if the toys is still useful these still in good condition. For the waste problem the parents buy to many toys in low quality toys and low budget with no specific time to buy toys occasionally. Non of the parents know in Malaysia have the website and the place to rent, to recycle and to sell the old toys. Six out of 10 interest to know the website and the place to rent, to recycle and to sell the old toys because it can save money and e-co friendly. 4 out of 10 respondents said throw the toy packaging better than keep it because they have no idea what else can it be and do.

Observation conclusion

For observation found out that most of the parents choose the toy to their children is not the children like and need the toy. Six out of 10 parents choose the different type of toys with cheaper price and small packaging to their children. After that, the children is playing the few days and not interesting to play the toy because these are not their choices. Lastly, the toy is become waste.

Project Technique conclusion

Project techniques who designed to draw the experience. Respondents were 10 kids to let them draw their dream toys. For the part, found out that 7 out of 10 children cant describe their dream toy and don’t have any imagination, expectation, and creative to draw their toy because their parents is control them. Parents are very frugal when spending on toys for their children. Instead of constantly buying new toys, parents would give their children an electronic device to play with the save on expenses.