In my conclusion, i find out that why toys become junk toys . Have 5 point

First point is Over Commercial

Many of us remember the cherished trips of our youth to McDonalds for a delightful Happy Meal. Unfortunately, the main drive toward a happy meal well-aimed marketing.Children the age of 6 or younger dont know about deceitful marketing hidden entertaining commercials.

Second point is Bad Materials

Inexpensive materials usually cheap and likely to be thrown away fairly quickly.It easily to break , melt and lose pieces.The toy completely unusable or just less attractive -both leading to children abandoning the toy and dooming it to a landfill.

Third point is Popularity of toys

Even the toys are not broken may quickly lose their appeal.Toys with popular children’s movie and cartoon characters that arrival results in the plastic wrapping ripped to shreds as play with the contents for an average of 20 minutes before they are forgotten and thrown away the next day.

Fourth point is Made in China

According the  article( the safety of toys made in China has been in question lately with the recent rave of recalls.the toys containing phthalates.Phthalates have been linked to cancer and reproductive problem.

Fifth point is Change of Interest

I suggest if you want to buy toys please think before you buy .According the article ( Ron Weingartner confirms that,”perhaps parent need to understand that they are the gatekeepers of a child’s playtime , and it is their responsibility to monitor the mixture and balance of digital and physical playthings and to also participate and share in their activities.If not ,children have grown out of are quickly relegated to giveaway piles or garbage cans. A toy that was essential for a child’s existence last week may now be forgotten or disdained.

For Packaging , I find out  why over packaging . have 2 point

First point is Un recycle  Materials

Manufacturers , Retailer and toy company use packaging is  un recycle materials tie , polystyrene and plastic .

Second point is Attract Children

According  the article ( the World’s current number one selling toy uses a staggering 82% more packaging than is required for the toys dimensions.Because of the Manufacturers , Retailer and toy company use packaging to create excessively large boxes, look bigger and stand out in shelves .